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The Virginia Beach Bar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity and, as such, all contributions to the VBBF are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The following is a brief overview of options for contributing to the Virginia Beach Bar Foundation.

As you consider your gift planning, please feel free to contact Executive Director, Jean Keary, to discuss your interest and options.

Giving Options

There are several ways in which you can make a donation to the Virginia Beach Bar Foundation, including:

•  Membership in the Benefactors' Program
•  Memorials and the Distinguished Lawyer Memorial Fund
•  Annual Billable Hour Donation
•  Bequests
•  Trusts
•  Gifts of Securities, Property or Life Insurance
•  VBBA dues

NOTE: All donations except Distinguished Lawyer Donations shall count towards a Donor's Benefactor level.


Membership in the Benefactors' Program

You can become a Benefactor of the Foundation by making a contribution of at least $100 to the Foundation. Benefactors are recognized at different levels of contribution by the amount of their cumulative contributions over the years, and will be recognized in the Virginia Beach Bar Association newsletter at the time their contributions are made.


A Memorial contribution is a personal remembrance that honors the life of a friend, relative or colleague. When you make a memorial gift to the Virginia Beach Bar Foundation, we notify the family of the individual and acknowledge that your gift was made in memory of their loved one. Memorial donations will also be recognized on this website.

Distinguished Lawyer Memorial Donation

» Download a NOMINATION FORM here

A Distinguished Lawyer Memorial Donation gives special and permanent recognition to deceased lawyers and judges of the Virginia Beach Bar Association who demonstrated superior legal skills and high ethical standards throughout careers of significant length.

Invitations to submit a nomination are extended to families, friends and interested persons of lawyers and judges qualified for inclusion in the memorial. Colleagues, friends and families of Distinguished lawyers join together to make a tax deductible contribution of at least $2,500 to the Foundation that benefits worthy legal projects in Virginia Beach.

A tribute to the Distinguished Lawyer briefly outlining his/her life and achievements shall remain in perpetuity here on this website.


You can leave a legacy to the Virginia Beach Bar Foundation through your Will. This is a simple method of giving and can be a percentage of an estate, property or a specific dollar amount. If you have already included the Virginia Beach Bar Foundation in your Will, please contact the Foundation so that we can express our appreciation.

The following sample working is included for your consideration:

I give, devise and bequeath to the Virginia Beach Bar Foundation, a Virginia not for profit corporation, (the sum of $__) (__% of my estate) (the following property:__) to be used for the benefit of said Foundation in such manner as the Board of Trustees thereof may direct.


As you work with your professional advisors, they may suggest a variety of trusts that can be established to meet the planning needs of your family while also providing a gift to the Virginia Beach Bar Foundation. If your planning includes a trust based gift to the Foundation, we would be pleased to work with your professional advisors. Please contact Jean Keary, Executive Director for more information.

Gifts of Securities, Property or Life Insurance

As you consider a gift to the Virginia Beach Bar Foundation, it is always wise to work with a tax advisor. Gifts of appreciated securities, property or life insurance provide excellent ways to redistribute assets and make a large gift with a smaller outlay of cash. If you are considering gifts in any of these forms, please contact Jean Keary, Executive Director.

Annual Billable Hour Donation

It's not too much to ask to donate an amount equal to just one of your billable hours per year to the Foundation. A list of donors who have made this pledge will be listed permanently on this website.


When you receive your annual VBBA dues statement, a contribution of $20 can automatically be included in the total amount. Unless you elect not to pay that portion of your statement, the Foundation receives a tax deductible gift of $20 from the Member. This is an easy way to make an annual contribution to the Virginia Beach Bar Foundation.

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