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Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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The Virginia Beach Bar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established as a vehicle for lawyers and other interested citizens to make charitable contributions for the tangible, meaningful benefit of persons and organizations located within the City of Virginia Beach and in the furtherance of justice and legal education.

One of the purposes of the VBBF is to fund a broad spectrum of programs which benefit the Virginia Beach Community, consistent with the Foundation's mission.


Within the VBBF's grant purposes, the Board of Trustees places a priority on programs and applicants meeting one or more of the following criteria:

Programs which:
•  Demonstrate innovative approaches or new ideas
•  Benefit Virginia Beach residents
•  Have potential for independent continuity
•  Demonstrate community support
•  Avoid duplication of services
•  Address underserved needs or populations
•  Use challenge grants or other fund matching arrangements to augment VBBF funds

Applicants who:
•  Have a history of services reflecting clear ability to deliver quality services
•  Demonstrate cooperative effort between service providers in their area
•  Request funds for services rather than capital expenses
•  Have sources of income in addition to the Foundation funds requested


The VBBF will not make grants:
•  To political campaigns or entities designed primarily for lobbying
•  To support religious activities
•  If the Foundation's tax exempt status would be jeopardized
•  If the applicant fails to show fiscal responsibility and integrity

The VBBF generally will not make grants:
•  To individuals
•  To endowment campaigns
•  To repay loans
•  As a substitute for other funds
•  If the VBBF's funds will be the organization's primary source of continuing financial support
•  To purchase tickets or sponsorships for charitable dinners, gold tournaments or other special events.

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Virginia Beach Bar Foundation Grant Guidelines


Grant Awards and Payments

Applicants will be notified in writing of the disposition of any grant application that has been timely submitted on or in advance of the above deadline within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the Foundation's Board meets to consider the application. All grants will be made pursuant to a written announcement by the Foundation to the recipient, setting forth any terms and conditions of the grant award. The method of payment (prepayment, installments, or reimbursements) will be specified on a case by case basis at the time of making the award.

Monitoring of Grant Recipients

Recipients of Foundation grants will provide the following information to the Foundation:

•  A final written report as to how the grant money has been spent and the results achieved; and
•  A written interim report, if requested, as to how the grant money has been spend and the status of the program; and
•  A copy of the applicant's annual financial statement (an audited statement, if requested) for the fiscal year in which the grant was made, as soon as it becomes available; and
•  Responses to any reasonable requests for further information by the Foundation.

Further Information

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us by calling (757) 385-2155.

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